Contemporary colours......

A none tradional coloured christmas card!
Something a bit different. Had made 7 cards upto this point and was getting annoyed with using red & green all the time!! So purple and teal was the way forward :)
Her hat, boots and gloves are glittery... then again only used teal as I wanted to use the glitter! :D
Am loving it tho! :D

2 Gold Cards.......

2 Gold Cards! lol
The vellum paper stuff stood out against the gold thats the only reason why I used gold tbh! :D
Both cards look okay tho.... they look better in the flesh! :D

One order........ part 3

One order........ part 3!!!
Finally all uploaded! :D
Tbh these are my fave out the lot!
Baby's 1st Christmas...... this was a complete lightbulb moment!! turned out well good tho! :D
Lampost ......... i LOVE flowersoft!!! Such a traditional card as well! love it! :D

One order........ part 2

One order ...... part 2 ..... there's now gunna be part 3 as well!
The 2 Grandson cards....
Q. How do u make a Villa card christmassy??
A. Add flowersoft to it! and xmassy backin paper!!

Love the Santa one tho! Will be using this image again! :D

One order........ part 1

One order....... part 1.....
Was asked to make some christmas cards for an order.... there are 6 cards altogether but they wouldn't all upload together! lol
Here's the first 2 tho :)
Christmas High School Musical Cards..... oh my! how hard to find a decent image??!!
Turned out pretty well tho in the end and the lady loved them....
Part 2 to follow.....

Does my butt look big in this???

Does my butt look big in this??
My new Dolly Mama stamp which I had to try out! :D
Cant really see from the picture but there is glitter on the dress and on the cats bow tie....
Yet again I used the bubble things! they are ace! :D and a flower to finish off :)

Uplifting occasion......

Card for my mate's birthday..... she loves the colour red :D
the bra itself has been 3d'd along with the washing :)


House Mouse Card

This card I love! its sooooooooo cute!
first time I had used my embossing folder and its turned out mint! :D
Mam loved it!

Cards, cards and more cards!

Haven't uploaded anything for a while so I best had! hehehehe .......
been a busy bee doing loads of hours at work :D
here's what I've been upto! :D

Mam's Bday Card from Dad :D

Mam's Card off me :D

A glittery snowman! altho u cant see the glitter! lol

Girly Whiff Of Joy Card - using Pearlised paints! :D

Another Whiff of Joy - Felt tip pens now lol

Campervan Card :D


Ive been tagged!

I got tagged this week by Helen, but not really been on my blog so only just getting round to it!! lol....

Here goes:

Things I love:
1. Crafting!
2. Reading
3. Watching sports :D
4. Dancing
5. Being a Bitch! (it's what I do best!!)

Things I hate:
1. People treating me like a fool
2. Selfishness
3. Being lonely
4. Being taken for granted
5. Arguements

Music on my ipod - I dont have an ipod but songs i listen to everyday are:
1. Chris Brown - Forever
2. Slipknot - Circle
3. Oasis - Shock of the Lighting
4. Chris Brown - Fallen Angel
5. Adele - Right as Rain

Favourite Food & Drink (now this was tough to choose!):
1. Ribena!!
2. Toast
3. Tea
4. Beer & Black
5. Cottage Pie

Right, now I have to tag 5 people...I'm choosing well 2!! lol : Caroline & Cat. :D


Penny Black Gothic-y! lol

Well then.... Am WELL pleased with this card! Looks mint! :D
The paper I brought from when I was down at my God Parents but never got round to using it ..... but seen this image and this sketch when was surfing net lol so thought wud use paper....
The greeting is from the Bubbly set of Penny Black too....... and the bubble things in corner are from one of the challenge cards we had to make ..... come in hand them Mand! LOL!! :D


Fairy Christmas Card....

This was also made for an order too....
the image i 3d'd was soooooooo hard to cut out tbh but the overall card turned out good :)

christmas card for an order.....

This was made for an order along with another card ..... didn't have anything specific to put on this card apart from the greeting had to read "To A Special Couple" but tbh am loving it!! need to pull the vellum straight on the top left but apart from that am well happy with it :)


Right am back! :D

Phew!! :D
am back now! been away and had loads of orders and that so have now caught up :D
have uploaded some of my cards to the blog the rest will go onto photobucket :D
chow for now! :D

Baby Millie

Just a quick pink Baby Millie card :D
Only one pink car left so that I would use it up and I had already coloured in the image so why not :D

Lighthouse Card

This image is stunning!
I ran out of foam pads and had an idea for a card, so instead of waiting to get more i just stuck the layers down with DTS tape. You sort of get a 3d effect still but its not as raised. The "it's your birthday" has been stamped and then heat embossed with bronze powder. It just fits in with the theme better now :D

Dolly Mama Mum Card ....

I absolutely LOVE this card! :D the colours are stunning!
Been a while since I used any of my Dolly Mama stamps too so thought I would have a play today ...... love it! got lots of ideas now :D

You Rock!!

You Rock!!
Another card for the same guy that the box is for :D this is off Bro n his Mrs tho :D
The Happy Birthday is die cut letters and the image is 3d :D

Granddaughter .....

Well then! oh my days! what a mix of things to put on a card!
My specification was :
* Louis Vuitton
* has just finished doing all the make up for a school production
I'm quite pleased with the finished card tho. For a difficult order its turned out well :D
I had to super glue the flower on as it kept falling off! its fully stuck now tho :D

Nellie 7th Birthday - Pink

For an order a few weeks back :D
It was preferred to be a gymnastics card but trying to find a suitable image was a nightmare!
so I settled for this instead :D the Lady still loved it! :D Yay me!! :D


Baby card

Got asked to make this card today ..... picture is a bit dark as the main light wasn't on and I was being lazy!! :D Image is 3d and then matt and layered onto blue and white card. The wording in the corners was printed straight onto the card.... the Baby Rufus has been die cut..... and the ribbon has been threaded through the card itself :D not a bad all round card really :D


PB Hedgy card with a twist .......

I've had these cards for about a month (5 for 99p from Hobbycraft) anyways, I kept looking at them and thinking "hmmm...... what to do with these?" Then today when i was using my Bubbly stamps (the dog) i seen the little hedgy ....... well this is the result.......

The little hedgys are stamped onto the inside of the card ...... so it looks like looking through windows ...... something a bit different!! Just need to add a Greeting :)

Tilda card - Quick n easy! lol

A quick card again... I never used the flower die cuts on a card before but I think this looks okay?? The doodled edges have been done by hand. Just a bit different to using peel offs all the time :) The image is of Tilda..... I love this image tho! its so cute but yet so versatile :)

Penny Black Dog Card

Had an idea to do this card earlier :D was like a Light bulb moment again! :D
turned out alright tho :D
Pretty quick to make as well ..... just stamped 3 of the dog onto card coloured him in with water colour pencils in different greens. Then just matt and layered onto green paper to match. The sentiment has been stamped straight onto the green stripey paper.

Christmas cards!!!

Well yeah i said the bad word! :D hehehe ........ i got bored of making other cards so thought would start on my xmas ones..... just a few! :D


Exploding box .........

Well then ....... guess what I been upto today!!!
These are sooooooo much fun to do! :D colour scheme is white, red n black and oh my! YES!! another metro!!! :D hee hee hee!
I made the mistake of showing him my Bro's box I did him last year ........ "I want one of them!" was the reply so now he has his own! :D
Its only took since 12.30 ish to put it all together although I did have to stop to get more pictures :D (that's my excuse anyways!!)
Right, off to do another one now :D


Penny Black Saturday Challenge - No cards allowed!

hehehe! these are much fun! :D
no cards allowed this week so this is my attempt :D
cheap xmas presents!
make sure u get decent candles tho as this one is Rubbish! :D


Boobs and Bum .........................

A completely new experience for me! I have never made one of these and I must admit ...... I had soooooooooooo much fun making it! The spotty is paper downloaded from printable heaven, some ace papers on there! I have also used Lace and ribbon.
Its for an order as well so fingers crossed she likes it! we will soon find out tomo :D

Oink Oink!

Oink Oink!
For my Auntie's birthday :D she loves pigs! so this is perfect for her. Another quick make tbh. was asked by mother to make it last night at like 11.15! :-O lol
Turned out pretty sweet tho :D


Not my cup of tea! Me being a Blue nose and all but this was made for my cousins 16th. Hes a massive Baggies fan! lol Considering I had only an hour to make it ..... I did pretty well! :D


Wedding Anniversary ....

Well then, this card took ages!!! I had no idea what to put on it in terms of an image. Only thing I knew what to put on it was the wording!! lol Anyways, I got the wedding papers out and referred to the wedding card i made the other day (need to take picture) and sort of went from there... The whole image is raised from the card and then the hearts are raised too. After I had stuck it all down, it looked to plain so sprinkled sequins over it and then stuck them down.
So this is the end result! :D I actually quite pleased with it!


Penny Black Saturday Challenge - Ribbons

This is my take on the Penny Black Saturday Challenge Card..... Only thing I had trouble with was choosing which ribbon to use! hahaha I do have LOADS!!
Papers are from Printable Heaven, Ribbons from Hobbycraft and image is Sweet Slumber ...
Thanks for looking .....

Totally new from me .........

This is totally new from me as in layout and elements.
Sugar Nellie stamp has been 3d'd, ribbon is threaded through the paper with a flower for decoration. Paper is from printable heaven .... lovely papers! :D

Edwin Xmas Card ....

The first xmas I have made this year!
Actually, its the second as I've made a Dolly Mama card too :D
Not to sure on the size of the card tho, but hey least I got an idea now :D


It's A Dogs Life!

It's A Dogs Life!
This I had the urge to make yesterday! I was tidying up and came across the dotty frame and the dog embellishments.... and then put away my transparent penny blacks, then PING!!! light bulb was switched on! This is only about the 4th card I have made for a while. Been busy making invites and doing a scrapbook........ back to normal now tho :D

My New Sugar Nellie!
And I love her! She was on offer on funky kits so I just HAD to buy her! The white flowers I have had for a while but not found any use for them until now :D I must say I do love the layout of this card. It works well with the colours too :D

Something New

Good Morning..  Hope you all had a great christmas & fab new year too.  We are finally back with a new challenge over at My Time ...