House Mouse Card

This card I love! its sooooooooo cute!
first time I had used my embossing folder and its turned out mint! :D
Mam loved it!

Cards, cards and more cards!

Haven't uploaded anything for a while so I best had! hehehehe .......
been a busy bee doing loads of hours at work :D
here's what I've been upto! :D

Mam's Bday Card from Dad :D

Mam's Card off me :D

A glittery snowman! altho u cant see the glitter! lol

Girly Whiff Of Joy Card - using Pearlised paints! :D

Another Whiff of Joy - Felt tip pens now lol

Campervan Card :D


Ive been tagged!

I got tagged this week by Helen, but not really been on my blog so only just getting round to it!! lol....

Here goes:

Things I love:
1. Crafting!
2. Reading
3. Watching sports :D
4. Dancing
5. Being a Bitch! (it's what I do best!!)

Things I hate:
1. People treating me like a fool
2. Selfishness
3. Being lonely
4. Being taken for granted
5. Arguements

Music on my ipod - I dont have an ipod but songs i listen to everyday are:
1. Chris Brown - Forever
2. Slipknot - Circle
3. Oasis - Shock of the Lighting
4. Chris Brown - Fallen Angel
5. Adele - Right as Rain

Favourite Food & Drink (now this was tough to choose!):
1. Ribena!!
2. Toast
3. Tea
4. Beer & Black
5. Cottage Pie

Right, now I have to tag 5 people...I'm choosing well 2!! lol : Caroline & Cat. :D


Penny Black Gothic-y! lol

Well then.... Am WELL pleased with this card! Looks mint! :D
The paper I brought from when I was down at my God Parents but never got round to using it ..... but seen this image and this sketch when was surfing net lol so thought wud use paper....
The greeting is from the Bubbly set of Penny Black too....... and the bubble things in corner are from one of the challenge cards we had to make ..... come in hand them Mand! LOL!! :D

Something New

Good Morning..  Hope you all had a great christmas & fab new year too.  We are finally back with a new challenge over at My Time ...