Sundays creations

Today I thought I would do someathing completely different and here is what I came up with :o)
I just LOVE my little sidekick and its pink! :-D
All the diecuts have been cut out in funky foam which I also LOVE! :o)

2 Heart cards

How cute are these little bugs??
Their bodies are made out of funky foam and the rest is navy card :o)

Monkey's with GOOGLY eyes! :o)

I love the colours of this card. The monkey's are well cheeky too


Glenda said...

So cute, loving these monkeys, have you put googly eyes on them? I'm a googly eye nut I try them on just about anything!!!!!


Glenda said...

just scrolled up and saw the googly eye bit!!! Question answered. Its been along day!!!!


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