Ive been tagged!

I got tagged this week by Helen, but not really been on my blog so only just getting round to it!! lol....

Here goes:

Things I love:
1. Crafting!
2. Reading
3. Watching sports :D
4. Dancing
5. Being a Bitch! (it's what I do best!!)

Things I hate:
1. People treating me like a fool
2. Selfishness
3. Being lonely
4. Being taken for granted
5. Arguements

Music on my ipod - I dont have an ipod but songs i listen to everyday are:
1. Chris Brown - Forever
2. Slipknot - Circle
3. Oasis - Shock of the Lighting
4. Chris Brown - Fallen Angel
5. Adele - Right as Rain

Favourite Food & Drink (now this was tough to choose!):
1. Ribena!!
2. Toast
3. Tea
4. Beer & Black
5. Cottage Pie

Right, now I have to tag 5 people...I'm choosing well 2!! lol : Caroline & Cat. :D

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