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Well then, how good was it to be back watching the boys in Claret & Blue?! Didn't realise I missed football THAT much!!

Me and Mom sat behind the goal to the left. Such a good view (especially of Shay Given!) Was sruurounded by a few undesireables but they made the atmosphere to be fair. I'm sure the guy in front of me did not stop chanting through the whole game!! Haha 

For a small stadium, Walsall is a great atmosphere. It's a one tier stadium apart form the Floors-To-Go stand which is two tiers. All the AVFC fans were in good spirits. We took up two stands and a block but could easily have filled more! Attendance was 7,000 (a bit different to Villa Park!) We were far superior with support for our team tho.

Given was a sure fire hit with the fans. Got an outstanding applaud from us lot with us chanting "GIVEN!! GIVEN!!" But the guy is gorgeous!! It pains me to say this but Stephen Ireland was looking sharp last night!! Seemed to have the right attitude as well. And we welcomed back the one and only Stephen Warnock!! I actually LOVE this guy!! We were all chanting at him also. Love it when the players recognise the fans and applaud us :)

Got a few new chants to learn.... caught hold of a few. One was superb and will be muchly used when Downing returns to Villa Park with Liverpool! Looking forward to that! 

I've read somewhere this morning in the papers today, that us fans are being criticised for not accepting Alex McLeish as our new manager... this is complete crap! Granted there were no "McLeish's Claret and BLue Army!" chants but still there was nothing negative about the football being played.... (we will leave out the 2 sitters The Fonz missed!)

We were there to see our Claret and Blue Boys Play... and we did just that!
'villa till I die cuz I'm villa till I die!'

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