This HAD to be posted.....

I don't blow my own trumpet very much or even at all, but I'm so pleased with this card. It had to be shared to you guys......

Miss Anya - Screen Card
The idea came to me the other night when I was watching tv. I wasn't motivated enough to actually make a card, so thought I would colour some images instead. Half the job done once your images are coloured! I coloured the middle one in first in all fairness, then decided to colour the other 2 girls in the same colour. 

How was I going to get 3 girls on the same card??

* Light Bulb! * (said in the style of Mr.Gru - Despicable Me) 

I wanted to make a screen card and that's exactly what I did! I am actually stunned at the outcome! I was going to put it in a long DL box but thought better of it. So it's in an A4 box, which I think suits better as you get to see the whole of the card. I have left it blank as I'm unsure of what sentiment to put on it, but least it can be personalised this way :)

Screen Card - Boxed

That's me done for this post! Think I will be making a few more of these lol

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